Tuesday, September 12, 2017


  • President Carter Ferrington began the meeting by greeting 5 newcomers. All were reminded that the TCA Website and Newsletter were great sources of events and local issues.
  • The first guest speaker, Major Sparkman, reported that the biggest local problems have been car thefts, and panhandling and hold ups at local businesses. She reminded us to call the police whenever we suspect anything may be suspicious. With the next graduating class, District 7 will be assigned 2 new veteran officers. The present staff is 60, the goal is for 85. She reminded us of the National Night Out event to be held at the station on August 1. Treasurer Keith West presented her with a TCA check of $100, as our contribution to the event. She was greatly appreciative.
  • The second speaker was Jorge Parcus, P.C. of the County EMS Dept. He reported that the County is holding programs at Metro stops, gyms, malls and colleges to train in non-certified CPR methods. He was accompanied by 8 police and fire department technicians who later worked with volunteer members on these methods. There is a new Pulse Point phone app in the production phase that will inform certified EMS in the immediate vicinity when a call is made for a victim. He emphasized that households and certainly local business owners should consider automatic defibrillators.
  • The Treasurer’s Report and minutes of the last meeting were unanimously approved.
  • Elections were held for the 2017-19 Board of Directors. There were no additional nominations from the floor, and the proposed slate was unanimously approved. After several years of service, Larry Carbaugh has resigned from the Board, but will remain as Membership Chair. Ruth Williams will join the Board as the Welcoming Chair.  Carter then introduced the slate. Their names and duties can be found in the Spring Newsletter and on the TCA Blog/Website.
  • The next Membership Meeting will be held in September.
Respectfully submitted, Lynne Barden, Recording Secretary

Saturday, June 17, 2017


  • President Ferrington introduced the night’s speakers.
  • A Director of the County Police Department Special task force of the Sexual Assault Unit of the Criminal Investigation Division discussed and disseminated information on prevention tips and resources available. They can be reached at 301-772-4908 in Landover.
  • The second speakers were inspectors from the Enforcement Division of the County Department of Permits, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE). They explained the procedures of neighborhood inspections and the rules of enforcement. An inspection visit to Tantallon is planned after Labor Day. Results of the inspection will be relayed to TCA.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Copies of the Financial Report as of April 15 were distributed. Questions arose about mosquito control. Keith West explained the contract for spraying has been signed. Applications occur during late night hours.
  • While discussing the need for Storage facilities, it was suggested that original blue prints of Tantallon homes be returned to the present home owners.
  • Secretary’s Report: Minutes of the February 15 meeting were accepted without additions or corrections.
Committee Reports:
  • Membership: There are presently 245 dues paying households. Vreni Peters is unable to continue as membership welcoming committee chairman. She is contacting possible replacements.
  • Newsletter: Editor asked for news for the Spring issue. Deadline is May 25.
  • Control Committee: Questions continue about covenants. Members were reminded that they are available on the TCA website. No cases pending.
  • Website/Safety: Ron Weiss reported that the District 7 police station now has 52 officers and 7 civilians assigned. There are several upcoming meetings about many issues of local importance. They are listed on the TCA website. Ron strongly suggested that attendance is important.
  • New Business: No nominations for upcoming elections were made from the floor. Voting will take place at the May 24 meeting.
Respectfully Submitted, Lynne Barden, Recording Secretary

Thursday, April 20, 2017


  • The meeting was called to order at 7p.m. It was held at the District VII Police Station for the first time. It was agreed by all that it was an amenable location.
  • President Ferrington introduced the featured speaker Thomas Reed, U.S.  Air Force Reserves CMSGT (ret). Mr. Reed is an active Board Member of the Camp Springs Citizens Association.
  • He spoke of his experience as a student in a segregated school system in the middle 1950s near Farmville Va. A classmate, Barbara Johns, was instrumental in beginning the work which led to school integration there, and eventually led to the process that formed the basis for the Brown vs. The Board of Education Supreme Court Decision. The Virginia General Assembly recently dedicated a State building in Richmond in her honor. 
  • Carter introduced our new COPS officer, Cpl. Rannacher, and asked him to pass on our thanks for use of the community room. Cpl. Rannacher reported that the District has been assigned additional officers. Most of Tantallon incidents are of property thefts, mostly of and from cars. He reminded everyone to never leave any car running while unattended and always lock the vehicle. He will continue to send a weekly crime report to TCA Webmaster.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Keith West reported that expenses are less than last year at this time, mostly because of fewer Covenant violations. There were questions about the Covenants. Members were reminded that the Covenants can be found on the TCA Website and copied if one was not received when the house was purchased.
  • Secretary’s Report: There were no additions or corrections to last meeting’s minutes.
  • Committee Reports: Membership: There are 232 dues paying households as of 2/10/17.
  • Newsletter: Rosemary Weller asked that all reports and other info be sent to her by Feb.17, for an early March edition.
  • Website and Security Chairman Weiss reminded members that the TCA Website has not only info pertinent to our community, but also of many County issues and meetings as well as consumer advice. Presently, potential scams involving the IRS and Microsoft are addressed. Ron encouraged members to NEVER open the door to anyone not expected. If someone persists, call 911. Also do this if you see anyone lingering in the neighborhood. “If it looks suspicious, it probably is.” Use Tantallon.info. 
  • Beautification: The next Cleanup Day for Fort Washington Road entrances will be March 25. This is a good way to get involved in helping the community, and for High School students to acquire community service hours.
  • New Business: Elections: Terms of the present Board of Directors/Officers expire this Spring. Carter will appoint a non-board member committee of 3 to present a potential slate at the April General Meeting which will be held at the District VII Station.
  • The next Board Meeting will be on March 29, at PLES.

Respectfully Submitted, Lynne Barden, Recording Secretary

Saturday, October 29, 2016

September 14, 2016

TANTALLON CITIZENS’ ASSOCIATION   Minutes of General Meeting - September 14, 2016

  • Attendance: 54
  • President Ferrington began the meeting by inviting residents new to the community since September 2015, to introduce themselves.
  • He then introduced guest speakers Major Sparkman and Cpl. Blackwell of the Fort Washington Police District 7 Police Station. They reported that the district covers 57 square miles. There are 53 officers assigned. Thus far this year there have been 41 violent crimes and 345 property crimes reported. Residents were encouraged to read Cpl. Blackwell’s weekly crime reports distributed by email to TCA contacts.
  • The next speaker was Mr. Peterson from the Dept. of Permits, Inspection & Enforcement (DPIE), who reported that there are two inspectors for his agency. They randomly patrol communities checking on dead trees, abandoned houses, inoperable or license missing cars, and sidewalks in snow emergencies. He welcomed residents’ reports of such eyesores using County Click.
  • Treasurer Keith West presented a thorough Treasurer’s report and the proposed budget for 2016-7. They were both unanimously approved. The auditors will be meeting on September 16.
  • Committee Reports:
  • Please send Rosemary Weller news for the upcoming newsletter.
  • Beautification: Judy Henry reported that the landscaper will soon be planting Fall flowers at the entrance, and a Halloween-themed display.  Jamie Crist reported that Cleanup Day will be Saturday Oct.29. Volunteers are needed. Students can use this for Community Service Project school credit.
  • Membership: Chairman Carbaugh reported that 60 households were already dues paid members. He and Welcoming Committee Chair Vreni Peters will be working on events to encourage memberships. Volunteers are needed for these endeavors.
  • Website/Safety Chair Weiss reminded members that all TCA documents, including the covenants, can be found on the TCA website. He warned about continuing homeowner scams and discussed the pros and cons of water line insurance.
  • New Control Committee Chair Braxton introduced himself and asked anyone who might be interested in serving in this important capacity to contact him.
  • Carter completed the meeting asking for suggestions for future speakers.
Respectfully Submitted, Lynne Barden, Recording Secretary

Sunday, February 7, 2016

November 18, 2015


  • Attendance: 30
  • President Ferrington introduced speakers invited to address issues related to safety and security at the Safeway Shopping Center. There is currently no security service present on the site. There is no organization nor partnership among tenants to address the issues presented by TCA members.  Safeway did not send a representative to the meeting.
  • Major Tammy Sparkman, Director of Police Operations at the new District headquarters, thanked TCA for her honorary membership. She updated plans, and announced the official ribbon cutting ceremony will be on December 9. The station should be fully staffed by January 30, 2016.
  • Committee reports were presented. Minutes of last meeting were approved.
  • There was a discussion after the Treasurer’s report. Some members asked for a more thorough breakdown of funding issues. The Treasurer stated he would provide more details on subsequent reports. Two members showed an interest in the Auditing Committee, whose members will be announced at the next General Meeting.
  • A discussion followed the Tantallon Control Committee chairman’s report about enforcement of Tantallon Land Covenants.  The covenants’ history and purposes were reiterated by its chairman.
  • New Business: Responses for suggestions for future speakers were for:
            A representative from the Maryland State Highway Commission to address the Indian Head Highway plans
            A representative from MGM properties to discuss safety and traffic issues.
  • The next General Meeting will be at 7pm on February 17, 2016 at Potomac Landing School.

Respectfully Submitted
Lynne Barden
Recording Secretary

Saturday, November 21, 2015

September 30, 2015


  • The general meeting of the TCA was called to order at 7:02.  Attendance:48
  • President Ferrington introduced guest speaker Everette Bradford, Citizens’ Service Specialist for the Prince George’s County Department of The Environment.
  • Mr. Bradford outlined present programs addressing food waste and composting, the RAIN TAX , and products the county is processing to use to lessen waste in landfills. There was much discussion pro and con. Bradford encouraged homeowners to visit their website for additional information on  these services.
  • Membership Chair Larry Carbaugh reported that 90 households had already paid dues for the 2015-16 fiscal year. Last year, 270 out of approximately 950 households were dues paying members. He asked for suggestions to increase membership, and thoughts on raising dues. He and Carter agreed to approach the Country Club about some support since their members enjoy the beauty of the neighborhood, and use its roads. Larry also reported that $1,000 have already been donated for the Preservation Fund.
Old Business:
  • Carter reported that the wall at the St. Andrew’s Drive entrance was still being addressed with the insurance agencies involved. A motion was made and passed unanimously to set up a committee to at least clean up the site. Sarita Burns agreed to chair that committee.
  • Jamie Crist reminded members of the October 17 Clean Up Day.
  • Carter stated he would be replacing the signs that announce meeting time and date.
New Business:
  • Security Chair Ron Weiss reminded us to drive VERY carefully along Ft. Washington Road by the school. Apparently many students are crossing away from the crosswalk and the crossing guard.
  • Treasurer Keith West presented the Financial Report for 2015-16. After discussion, it was unanimously approved.
  • He then presented a proposed budget for this year. Much discussion followed with questions about the need for a Beautification Fund in addition to Beautification donations. Others strongly recommended a concerted effort is needed to improve membership rather than raise dues.
  • The Proposed budget passed with three dissentions.
  • Member Jackie Webb introduced us to the MEMORIES OF P.G.COUNTY project to help conserve the County’s history. She urged members to attend a meeting at the Accokeek Library on November 7 to contribute pictures, etc. to the project. It was ascertained that since Ed Carlstad’s passing, we have not had an historian.
  • Carter asked for volunteers to audit financial records for the last five years. He will appoint the three members.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:32.

Next Meeting:    Board Nov. 4
                         General: Nov.18
Respectfully Submitted,
Lynne Barden, Recording Secretary